The Call Of Your Soul Hunger: 10 Signs Your Soul Is Speaking To You.

The wisdom teachings and mystics have all pointed to the idea that the soul is the truth of who we are and holds the wisdom of who we’re meant to become.

If our souls are the truth of who we are, it’s unsurprising that many people are struggling with feeling stressed, disconnected, and like something important is missing.

Everything about our lives and society distracts us from connecting with the deepest parts of ourselves – our souls.

Living lives not aligned with who our soul intended us to become results in inner stress that I call soul hunger. In a previous post, I explained how soul hunger is a silent epidemic in the 21st century.

Many of us feel the inner urge to return home to ourselves and shed outdated beliefs about what it means to be successful and what we need to be authentically happy.

While living in a way that doesn’t align with our soul results in stress and suffering, this same inner struggle causes us to pause and take a much-needed look at our lives. Unfortunately, we don’t grow, evolve, or transform when all is going well. It often requires a shock that wakes us from our habitual, conditioned ways of seeing and being in the world. The article, Why Women Need To Ditch Their Conditioning To Say Hello To Their Souls explores the impact that women’s conditioning is having on their health and well-being. I know it’s not just women; all genders have conditioning they need to ditch.

If navigated consciously, this inner stress results in a shift from identifying predominantly with our conditioned self to becoming our true self. In the article, Does Your Life Lack Meaning And Purpose? You’re Not Alone!, I shared a personal story about how my soul hunger and stress became a catalyst for awakening to a more fulfilling and authentic life.

Shifting from our conditioned self to our true self is certainly not comfortable; however, this transformation and awakening are not only expected but necessary journeys in the evolution of our souls. In the book When The Soul Awakens: The Path to Spiritual Evolution and a New World Era, Nancy Seifer and Martin Vieweg explain that

Awakening occurs- in one incarnation or another- when the individual soul becomes satiated with material living and feels compelled, by a deep inner urge, to discover the truth that lies behind the outer world of appearances (p. 5).

In other words, when we feel we have everything that should make us happy, we long for more. I hear from people of all ages worldwide that the values inherited from our families and society don’t resonate or align with what they believe to be true.

However, the challenge for those seeking deeper meaning, purpose and authentic happiness is that the old maps no longer fit. If what I thought should bring more profound peace and happiness isn’t, what will?

Without a roadmap that helps us understand how to navigate the inner terrain of the soul, many feel lost, confused, and in the fog.

The Call Of Your Soul.Some clients describe feeling like they’re being pulled between conflicting desires—who they feel they should be and who they are meant to be.

Others say they feel like they’ve lost themselves in their roles to the point that they don’t know who they are anymore.

It’s not uncommon to hear people talk about this sense of knowing that things need to change but are confused because they have no idea what isn’t working or how to do it. The article, 4 Pillars For Awakening Your Future Self And An Authentic Life, provides a framework for discovering and becoming the best version of ourselves with greater ease and well-being.

For many, it’s a shift from focusing most of our attention and energy on fulfilling our many roles that meet other people’s needs and moving towards growth, self-love, spirituality, greater fulfillment, authentic happiness, and living in alignment with our deeper selves.

This shift we’re discussing and experiencing is a call from the soul. When we listen to this call, we move toward thriving. When we don’t listen, our physical and emotional health will suffer.

The soul forever weighs in, often subtly, providing clues as to whether we live in alignment with our more profound truths.

As a Jungian analyst, James Hollis said,

If there is such a thing as a soul, then it is the soul that ultimately tips the balance toward change, towards a more authentic stance in the world.

The call of your soul hunger often manifests as these 10 signs:

  1. You are beginning to realize that all the material things and ways that you are trying to fill yourself up don’t satisfy you. You feel like something may be missing in your life.
  2. You have a deep desire to make a difference and be of service to something greater than yourself.
  3. You feel that something needs to be expressed through you. It’s an inner urge that stems from deep within you. This may feel like you’re seeking something, but you don’t know what that is.
  4. You realize that while your roles are important, you do not want to be defined by them. You may ask, “Who am I?” and seek more profound meaning and purpose.
  5. You long for authentic relationships where you can share your emerging sense of self with like-minded people.
  6. You sense that some things must change and disappear for your true self to emerge. These may be relationships, work, limiting beliefs, or how you fill your time.
  7. You are open to and curious about deepening your connection to something greater than yourself. You begin to realize that spiritual laws are at work even if you don’t know precisely how to tap into them.
  8. You notice that your values are shifting, and new ones want to emerge. You sense that this shift will result in a new way of being and a re-arrangement of your priorities.
  9. You may feel discomfort as you’re being drawn into the unknown without a clear idea about how this process is meant to unfold. Perhaps the idea of the dark night of the soul resonates with you.
  10. You desire to live in alignment with your true self, even though you don’t have a picture of what that looks like.

Many people find it challenging to understand the language of the soul and integrate its messages into their lives. If you struggle with this, you may find it helpful to read  5 Tips to Help You Connect With Your Soul.

Adding to this challenge is the awareness that understanding the awakening soul and its needs differs from fixing a psychological problem. It’s common to be diagnosed with anxiety or depression when awakening is not viewed in a spiritual context. The article, What If Depression Is A Summons From The SoulOr For Awakening? explores this further.

Nothing dysfunctional or abnormal needs to be diagnosed or treated. Instead, a process needs to be nourished and understood for the soul to emerge and one’s life to be adjusted to live in alignment.

If there are signs your soul is speaking to you, you need to know that awakening is normal and is the beginning of a beautiful, albeit uncertain, journey. In The 3 Soul Commitments: How to Honour Your Awakening Soul, I provide some insights into what your soul might be asking of you.

One thing is sure: your soul is your connection to the energy of your true self and fulfilling your destiny.

Despite the fear that will inevitably surface, listening and making the necessary changes will lead you toward a life of greater alignment, inner peace, and fulfillment.

If you feel called, please comment below. Our community would love to hear from you!