Private Coaching

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Private Coaching With Bev

Private Coaching with Bev

Discover your true self to live your best life

Awakening Woman Coaching is a 4-month private one-on-one journey for women tired of feeling stressed and disconnected and wanting to live with greater inner peace, ease and connection to themselves, others and the mysteries of life.

Too many women struggle with anxiety, depression, stress-related health issues, disconnected relationships and a lack of meaning and purpose.

You’re not alone if you’re feeling lost and stuck without the tools to become the best version of yourself and thrive fully in your life.

I get it because I’ve been there too!

The Awakening Woman Coaching journey was created to give you powerful meditation and mindfulness tools that are personalized based on your psychological and spiritual growth path as illuminated by the Enneagram of personality – a powerful tool for transformation.

You deserve to feel vital, have deeply connected relationships and live a meaningful life that feels good to your soul!

Awakening Woman Coaching would be a great fit if…

  • You feel stressed and disconnected from your innermost self because you’ve been so focused on others.

  • You’re asking yourself big questions like, Who am I? What’s missing in my life? Why can’t I just be happy? 

  • Your inner turmoil and disconnect impact your emotional or physical health or relationships.

  • You’re open to meditation and mindfulness and willing to commit to a simple, regular practice.

  • You’re familiar with or curious about the Enneagram of personality and willing to go on a journey of self-exploration and discovery. 

  • Fear, uncertainty, confusion or lack of confidence are holding you back, and you feel STUCK.

Through Awakening Woman Coaching, you’ll…

  • Feel a sense of freedom and confidence from knowing who you are and what you need in your life.

  • Deal with the effects of stress and overwhelm so you’re better able to deal with the stressor.

  • Improve your physical, emotional and spiritual health with a renewed feeling of energy.

  • Have a sense of inner peace, well-being, self-love and a deeper connection to your own inner wisdom.

  • Have clarity about your values and a plan to create a life with deeper meaning, purpose and connected relationships.

  • Get the guidance, structure and support you need to get you unstuck and moving forward with confidence.

Are you ready to embrace your true self?

Bev Janisch
  • Step 1: Complete the Get Acquainted Form

    To start the private coaching process, complete the brief Get Acquainted Form. This form provides valuable information about yourself and the challenges you’re experiencing. It will help me gain initial insights before we connect on our call.

  • Step 2: Hop on a Discovery Call

    After receiving your Get Acquainted Form, I’ll reach out to schedule a 30-minute complimentary discovery call by phone or Zoom. During this call, I’ll explain more about the coaching process and answer any questions you may have. This call helps us determine if we’re a great fit to work together.

  • Step 3: Schedule Your First Session 

    We’ll schedule your first private coaching session once we determine we’re a great fit. You’ll have an expert guide empowering you with the tools and support to awaken inner peace, well-being and purpose.

Awakening Woman Coaching program features…

Your Private Coaching Journey includes the following:

  • Eight 60-minute private coaching sessions via Zoom over four months at your convenience.
  • An Enneagram of personality session to shed light on your true self, unique gifts, and blind spots that may be holding you back.
  • Personalized meditation, mindfulness and self-discovery resources and tools tailored to your needs and growth path.
  • A signature coaching approach that empowers you to integrate the past, visualize your true self and become it.
  • A weekly Reflection Template that helps you integrate what you’re learning and lets me see if you’re getting stuck.
  • Unlimited email support between coaching sessions.
  • A welcome package to kick off our work together.
bj testimonial

“When I began working with Bev, there were times I was very unhappy and didn’t know why. I was anxious and confused, and I felt scattered. Many voices told me why I was unhappy, what I should be doing, and what I could do better. I also felt something was missing in my life. Through my work with Bev, I learned so much about myself and became the person I was always meant to be.” ~ Karen M

A few inspiring stories…

Firstly, with meditation, I noticed an instant sense of calm, peace, and positivity. Within no time I noticed myself caring about me again; what I said, what I did, who I hung out with, what I ate, what I drank. I was harboring a lot of expectations, judgements, anger, resentment, and just plain hurt. As we went through the different sessions, and I completed my assignments, I started to come to peace with relationships, how they were without trying to control them. Many of my relationships are stronger now, most of all the one with myself.

Victoria C

Soon after meeting with Bev and starting my meditation practice, I began to feel calmer, less anxious and better equipped to express myself during uncomfortable and potentially confrontational situations. Bev provided me with the tools that allowed me to recognize when I was stress eating or even before I got to it. She taught me about self-compassion and I started to realize just how hard I was on myself. I also learned how to discuss things with my husband on a more mature level. I just feel SO MUCH BETTER.

Amanda B

Through the coaching, I went through a lot of changes and learned who I was and what I needed in order to love myself. I found out the beliefs/values that held me back. I learned how to accept my emotions and communicate effectively about my needs. I learned how to say no without feeling guilty and how to establish boundaries. I established a meditation routine and was able to create healthy space for myself. I gained the tools that will help me discover, learn, and grow every day.

Alanna H

I had recently separated from my husband and was struggling with my new identity and who I was without him. I was dealing with the uncertainty of this difficult situation and how to find peace and contentment in spite of the challenges I was facing. The concepts and tools I received in the program really aligned with what I believe to be true about healing. I have done talk therapy many times and it has not been a catalyst for transformation like this program was. I feel it creates changes at an energy level and has long-lasting effects that really address root issues.

Emily B

Frequently Asked Questions

Awakening Woman Coaching is a signature program that combines positive psychology, spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, and an understanding of holistic health to provide a comprehensive and personalized experience based on a woman’s Enneagram of personality type. This coaching program goes beyond surface-level solutions and dives deep into the root causes of stress and disconnect, helping women achieve long-lasting transformation and fulfillment.

During these sessions, we explore various aspects of your life, including your values, beliefs, passions, aspirations, blind spots and your Enneagram of personality type. We also utilize specific techniques such as mindfulness and meditation exercises, self-reflection practices, intention setting, and action planning to empower you in developing a greater sense of self-awareness, well-being and purpose. All the resources, tools and practices are intended to help you on your self-discovery journey as you gain momentum and new capabilities in navigating your life in an empowered way.

Many of my coaching clients are professionals asking more spiritual questions that psychological or traditional coaching approaches can’t answer. Meditation and mindfulness coaching, specifically tailored to address the root causes of your stress and disconnect, distinguishes itself from therapy by offering a forward-looking perspective that empowers you to thrive in your body, mind and soul. While therapy primarily focuses on healing past wounds and resolving mental health issues, coaching acknowledges your inherent wholeness and resourcefulness, guiding you to take inspired action toward greater inner peace, well-being, and a life that feels good to your soul.

The Awakening Woman Coaching program costs $1675 CAD, however, I understand everyone’s needs and circumstances are unique. Therefore, I offer flexible options or a tailored package that meets your needs and availability. Please do reach out!


Who is Bev Janisch?

Bev guides awakening women worldwide to make the shift from feeling stressed and disconnected to peacefully empowered, living lives that feel good to their souls.  Bev’s personalized meditation and mindfulness approach empowers women to let go of stress and struggle, get in the natural flow of life and live with greater inner peace and well-being. Bev is trained as an Integral Associate Coach™, Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Enneagram Practitioner and Master’s prepared Nurse. She’s the author of Awakening a Woman’s Soul: The Power of Meditation and Mindfulness to Transform Your Life. 

Bev Janisch